Welcome! I am a Midwestern transplant and former fast track career mom who learned to navigate the streets of NYC and life as a stay at home, work at home, mom. When I first started this blog my boys were six and two; today, with a nearly 15 and 10 year old, my days today look at lot different then they did back then.

When I’m not in mom-mode, I’m writing, cooking, volunteering, and leading my church community as an Elder and Chair of Consistory (that’s a fancy term for “Church Board”).

Transforming Mommy started as a journey, my personal journey of fear and insecurity and failure and trying new things and starting over and making mistakes and finding success.

What I found along the way is that, although much of what I wrote was very personal, the things I was feeling and experiencing were not unique to me. By sharing a side of me that many had never seen before, I made new friends and changed my relationships with old friends. The more I shared what I thought were the ugliest, scariest parts of me, the happier and more content I was. Like little miracles, the things that were once trapped inside, creating darkness, were now beacons of light.

Today, I want Transforming Mommy to be about more than my journey and my story. I want it to be the place moms come to inspire and to be inspired. I want it to be the place moms come when they want to transform their stories. Not because anyone here knows all the answers, but because we are willing to try and fail and try again together. Not because there is one right answer, but because there are a world of answers waiting to be explored.

We will do it by talking about the things that are important to us: Faith. Family. Food. Friendship. Fun.

There are no rules here, other than:


Along these lines, when I say faith, I mean faith, no faith, I can’t seem to find my faith these days, I’m pretending to have faith, I will never have faith again, and everything in between.

When I say family, I mean any kind of family. Traditional family, single parent family, divorced parent family, LGBTQIA+ family and everything in between.

When I say mommy, I mean every kind of mommy. Working mommy, stay at home mommy, empty nest mommy, not sure what I’m doing mommy, entrepreneurial mommy, homeschooling mommy, I can’t get my kids to school fast enough mommy, and everything in between.

And I think if we can do this together, while maintaining integrity and living compassionately in the face of our differences, we will be TRANSFORMING MOMMY.

If you would like to be a part of the Transforming Mommy community and you have a blog, please introduce yourself and put a link back in the comments below. If you don’t have a blog and simply want to follow along and join the conversation, head over to the right sidebar and follow me either via email or Bloglovin’.


  1. Michele Riggio

    This is awesome Andrea–beautifully written, inspiring and a side of you I never knew about but look forwarding to knowing better!! See you in the school yard!

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