The Next Right Thing

This piece began with a journal entry written back in 2013. Our unexpected apartment move late last year inspired me to dig through the piles of old journals I keep packing and unpacking so I could consolidate and transcribe their contents worth saving (my journals tend to be a hodgepodge of grocery lists, to-do lists, […]


A Letter to My Family

  We returned to the city a few days ago from a two month visit to Michigan.  It was amazing to detox from city life and spend time with family and friends.  It was reinvigorating to watch my boys run barefoot and try new things and be silly rambunctious boys, without having to worry about the […]


Closing Day

Last Friday was a big day.  A day I wouldn’t have fathomed 1,000 days ago.  It was a day where we walked away from what, just a few short years ago, we thought was our future. Last Friday my husband and I closed on the sale of our home in Michigan. It was a home nine […]