Slivers (aka splinters) became a hot topic in our house toward the end of summer vacation. Weeks of running recklessly barefoot finally caught up to both of my boys, and we faced three sliver extractions in as many days. My youngest son started the sliver fest with a doozey, maybe more accurately categorized as an […]


A Letter to My Family

  We returned to the city a few days ago from a two month visit to Michigan.  It was amazing to detox from city life and spend time with family and friends.  It was reinvigorating to watch my boys run barefoot and try new things and be silly rambunctious boys, without having to worry about the […]


I Kept Going

  While snuggling my just-barely 4 year old to sleep recently, he and I were having one of those nose to nose, heart to heart, bedtime conversations where questions that wouldn’t be asked or answered in daylight are whispered on tired lips.  Every exchange is a little more earnest and feels a little more honest, perhaps because the […]